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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  November 26, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EST

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>> that will do it for this edition of the coors light silver spotlight, and for "sports unlimited." stay tune for the "late edition", and it starts right now. >> cannot wait for "black friday"? the stores are open right now as we speak for the holiday shopping season. >> gift cards make great gifts but you don't want it to expire by surprise. the loophole in the new laws you
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need to know about. >> airline ravelers, leery of tsa pat downs. why this woman put the tsa on >> and some families in distress. get helping hand this thanksgiving. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late editionn" >> hello and happy thanksgiving. i am jeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks. turkey and "blackkfriday" on the same day. stores and customers are breaking tradition for what could be the beginning of a new@ one tonight. >> yeah, "black friday" could -ecome or solite because you can get great buys right now. keith daniels was at toys 'r us @% rosedale where the doors %->>well, it doesn't look like e economy is ssopping these guys from shopping. it is impressive line.
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hundreds f people, a line that stretches all he way back to route 40. all of them waiting to get inside of the store. a jump on "black friday.. like this woman is waiting. you stood in line how long? >> ince 6:30 or 7:00. >> what could be so important that you stand in line for this. >> train set and a barbie. >> train set and barbie. some stores are so eager for %-day on thanksgiving for thethe k-mart was among them. after a year of cautious spending and worry over an uncertain econooy and high unemployment. more tores this year extended %-when most stores areg day, traditionally closed. we caught up with a few shoppers at the k-mart onwabash avenue. where they say they anted to on beat the rush. >> things are hectic. people get crazy. want to push and shove. i don't have time forrthat. >> mad house tomorrow. everybody else out. >> we are back at tte ttys 'r us
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store where it is "black friday" on thursday. before tonight, stores opened at 5 a.m. on "black friday". and officials wanted to open at 10:00, because it was -- midnight madness rush was so good last year they thought they would do it this year. impressive line at toys 'r us. in rose dale. keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition." >> some gift cards come with strings attached, as you may know. if youubought a gift card after august 22 of this year, however, it is good for the next several years. but some banks issued their own gift cards, where the expiration date of the gift balance could be much different than the card itself. >> lifeeime of that gift balance is five years. but you also want to make sure that plastic card itself does not expire. >> barnett said that is why shoppers should use the full balance as soon as they can. >> while thousands of holiday shoppers cram the stores this
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weekend. through theecell phone. at home moby deals is a service provided and get discounts and couponsr. for foods, books, shoes and portsmouth sign up is free. go to moby on your smart phone or computer. register by entering your cell have instant access to dozens o3 coupons, right on your phone. tornado got a little extra help today. with a special thanksgiving dinner. >> yeah, the red cross had thanksgiving meals for them. at reginald f. lewis high school. red cross helped nearly 90 families affected by the tornado that hit northeast baltimore and parkville. >> they have had enough to deal with in the last week. most important thing to do right now is give them a day of relaxation and comfort. make sure they have a place to go to enjoy thanksgiving.3 >> survivors of the tornado needing help can call catholic
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charities at (443)986-9042. >> and the thanksgiving %-the hungry and hommless were d at the bea gaddy thanks dinner in patterson park. this is the 29th year for the bea gaddy dinner. >> i hooe that everybody will learn from this. except just receiving free food. i hope at the learn that we are all here to help one another. >> organizers estimate 50,000 park today. and an additional 45,000 meals were delivered to those homebound. >> a good day, a great ay actually for 32 people that are thankful this holiday. ttey were part of the world's largest kidney swap. ssecialist patrick duncan put his life on the line in iraq and afghanistan. military hero met ronde keri from maryland and donated a
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kidney to keri. >> seen assmuch death and all the bad stuff that hhs happened3 %-someone's life it means the world to me. >> he did such a selfless thing to, give because he wanted to give. incredible. >> both are part of the world's largest kidney wamp. 16 kidney donors and 16 recipients at the hospital cenner and walter reed. >> what recession? good day for shoppers. as you saw for keith daniels. on this year's predicted $500 billion shopping bonanza. stores open giving "blackk3 friday" deals tonight as we speak. flat screen tvs, notebooks, and, of course, as always, jewelry. bad day for turkeys. pause for a second here. estimated 45,000,000 turkeys, tom and hens aliked, cleaned
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stuffed, and ate. miilions of carcasses, end trails, are sitting in -upperware to be putt93 sandwich tomorrow with, well, cranberry sauce, dressing and mayonnaise. i don't knnw. maabe toast the bread. sacrifice is worthy of what you are hearing. the funeral march by show pan. -> i feel guilty now.3 wonderful thanksgivvng day. >> yes, it was. except, you know, for the 45,000,000 turkeys. what's the rest of the weekend looking like? >> thaak you debbie downer. >> i feel bad. >> way to ruin thanksgiving. >> all right. so we do have more rrin n the way. and it looks like ccld weather on the waa too. so going into the oliday season. and going to feel like it this so a little messy out there for shopping tomorrow morning. lookiig at the radar. showers move in. and we did see thhm come through
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-ome spots not only saw rain but saw a little bit of snow. in fact, show you one of the spots that saw snow this morning. just outside of philadelphia. some snow fell in that area. brief but t did land on the trees, cars, road, ann didn't cause too much as far as problems on the roadways. but the rain certainny did herr. and will tomoorow again. in fact, our forecast shows us in the forecast. again tomorrow morning. so a little bit of trouble if you are heading out to shop. clearing on the way. and cold temperatures on the way i will havv the ddtails on that coming up in the full forecast. >> thanksgiving trivia to toss around the table tonight. the american farm bureaued the price for an average coss of -hanksgiving dinner this year rooe 1.3%. and whole turkey prices up 13% since last year.3 and $1.68. total cost for a dinner of 10
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averages $43.47. >> and don't let he leftovers go to waste. if you are tired of turkey sandwiches, try these grid dell style patties with stuffing turkey and ham. breakfast. mash them up and add the batter. aad top ttem with left over cranberry sauce. >> and ladies, research has ssown baking a traditional pumpkin pie can ignite your partner's appetite and sexual appetite as well. smell of pumpkin pie about a touch offlavender scent mixed in creates sexual arousal in men more than any fancy perfume. >> if they want to try to see what i have hidden in my bikini, >> travelers are leeryyabout pat downs at aarports. one woman make the tsa leery. tell you why, next. >> a thanksgiving turkey can do
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more than just stuff your belly. later on the "lateeedition." how it can help you to burn calories. >> i was lost initially after discharged. i didn't knoo he what my life would be like at that point. trying to find tte way. >> unemployment rate is high among veterans. after the [ male announcer ] febreze flameless luminary.
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huh! their fragrances always smell so good. nice! i know, the design just adds the perfect touch. and when you're ready for a new look or scent... just pop on a new shade... and it flickers like a real candle. [ male announcer ] also from the home collection... febreze wooden wick candle. i probably have one of these in every room. they last so long! nice! you can even hear it crackle. [ candle crackle ] [ male announcer ] the febreze home collection. featuring soy blend candles, wood diffusers and flameless luminaries. >> unemployment rate for
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veterans is high because finding a job and transitioning to civilian life can be challenging. especially during the tough economic times. jennifer davis reports on a@ congressional program hoping to change that for a few of those that have bravely served our country. >> under the imposing capital dome doww a gleaming congreesional hallway is the office bill collinsshas reported to for 22 months. >> taking the work, it is a -- still cannot belleve him here. >> military hair cut satisfy clue to the former life. lawyer for marine corps until health issues made him retirr. finding a job in the down economy, was tough.@ so he was thrilled when he learned abbut this fellowship that would allow him to serve for two years as veterans affairs adviser for speaker of the house, nancy pelosi..3 >> for me military, it would have a sense of purposee3
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-> difficult road brought perkins to his fellowship in the sergeant of arms office. >> we rolled over a ied impose advised explosive device and tore apart the humvee. >> four of you in there? >> yes. >> and you are the only one thht survived. >> i was lucky. discharged because i didn't know what my life wwuld be like at that point. trying to find a ay to serve the american public. >> long recovery, we did to college, and then searched in vane for a civilian job. >> searched for a year and a half. it was kind of frustrating because i felt like i had a skill set not transferable. i didn't know who would want to hire mee >> the u.s. house of representativesswounded war yarr program founded in 2008 to give disabled vettrans and wounded warriorr a chance to work in a congressiooal environment and make future employment contacts. wounded veterans like these two repreeent many more that need help and deserve it. >> they servee and now with the
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high unemployment rate it is a chance for the house to give >> opportunities come in the form of 50 fellowships, 33 filledd offices around the country as veterans constituent rrpresentatives and paid $45,000 a year and benefits are@ priceless. opportunity i would have never considered. >> as for perkins he is just ssarting out. briefly staff on emergency preparedness, same top pick he briefed soldiers on. >> far exeeds the hope i had. when i left the military i didn't know what to do. i was lost. i didd't think i would be hired3 by annone. i thought i would end up back home. new world for me. i am excited..3 >> on capptol hill, jennifer davis, fox news. -> if you would like more information on the wounded war year program. fellowships. vacancies and criteria go to links.
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>> it is a hollday where common sense can be hard to fine in the state of new jersey. atheist group put up a billboard saying christmas is haw hum bug3 a myth. this board among a highway in new jersey is getting attention and christians are having a hard time turning the other cheek. >> we're not goinn to say you cannot put up a billboard. but, i think, you are -- you are fooling yourself if you think i3 %-dumb message at christmas tim. >> goodness adds. just be goodness sake. at all in cleveland.ith no senn3 %-d.u.i. defendant is ordered to jail. and thiiks all is okay if he attacks the bailiff. cameras are catching the episode. so now he faces more ccarges. apparently the d.u.i. guy fights like he drives. stupid. >> common sense.
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wearing a bikini to the airport in l.a. in california wednesday3 with all the feel ups ann porno scans at the airport recently she feels like she had to undress for the tta anyway. >> if they want to try to see they are welcome to. >> there you go. -> no one at the tsa had the brass detectors to ssarch her.3 hopefully for her sake she is going somewhere warm. >> the turkey is aten. now it is time to whip out the wallet and spend. >> yeah. what's the weather like for the holiday shoppers this weeeend after we kill thh turkeys and ate them. here is emiiy gracey. >> all right. we have wet weather in the forecast. %-early tomorrow morning. and soomessy for the "black friday" shopping out there. buttit will push through quickly. behind that. big changes in our forecast. we will be mild overnight tonight. and cool weather behind the front. we're starting to see the wet weatherrmove in to portion of
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maryland right now. and overnight it will reach to baltimore. but you can see the front extends up and down the eastcoast. with it. we're not expecting any more winter precipitation here in baltimore. we did see sleet in the western@ counties this morning. that will not be the case tomorrow morning. as temperatures are in the 50s. buttweewill see a drastic change in the temperatures once the front does go through.@ it will be cooler. -e are seeing the warmest temperatures of theeday actuall3 52 ii baltimore. 54 in washington d.c. %-and that wiil be the caae tomorrow morning. but once the froot passes through. we will drop quite a bit. and finnsh off the day tomorrow in the 40s. with breezy conditions. so it will feel even cooler than that. here is how it plays out. we will have mild air in the morning once the warm front but watch for the cold front to push through. that will bring changes by tooorrrw afternoon. so the rain comes througg in the morning. pushes out by lunch time. direction, we get clear skies by the afternoon. high pressurr builds in.
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so breezy. sunny and cold by tomorrow evening. and that's the case saturday an3 sunday as well. asshigh pressure continues to -uild into the area. so overnight tonight. not too bad out there. as far as temperatures. ann howers come in late tonight and early tomorrow morning. and push out quickly in some %-noo as quickly innothers. in the eastern shore that's onn sunshine.move outt 57 degrees. that high temperaturr will actually occur in the morning. and then cooling temperatures toward the afternoon. so it will be cooler than that in central maryland. high temperatures in the mid 50s and upper 40s by the aaternoon. and then even cooler backkto the west. upper 40ssfor the highs. and that wwll occur in the morning. and dropping down to thh low 40s possibly by the afternoon in western maryland. so for tomorrow. expect highs in the morning. and then cooler toward the afternoon. but alsooclearing skies toward the afternoon as well. we will stay cool, breezy and clear.
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hhgh tempeeatures ooly in the mid 40s. a little breezy out there for the game on sunday afternoon. and then we will slowly climb back to normal by monday and tuesday. and next chance of rain is tuesday afternoon. and extended forecast shows rain as well. i will have the details on ttat >> thanksgiving turkey can be more than stuffiig your belly. how it can help you to burn calories. >> coming up in sports. calvert hall and l
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>> there isn't anything like a great hound dog. @% especially this one. it saved 4--ear-old angie martinez as she walked p to grandma's house, a fox latched on to her. and 2-year-old calli sprang into action. >> what did the dog do? >> chased it. chase it back in the woods. >> never expecteddit out of calli. always so quiet. dopepy. >> the fear was rabbies. exposed. police killed the fox later tha3
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evening. >> in indiana thankssiving day turkey can do more thannstuff your belly. fit gurr hit the streets of south bend indiana to demonstrate ways to stay fit. using a frozen bird of course. >> sit back, lower your bottom down. stand up and pull theeturkey in. reachhit forward. good. and pull it ii. >> you knoo, some days this job is just fun. in ffw weeks, yyu will look fit enough to go to the doctor with a bad case of frost bite. >> whennyou talkkabout baltimore thanksgivings you have to talk about calvert hall versus loyola. the turkey bowl. today. the archrivals met for the 91st time and you would be hhrd pressed to find a better performance than the one today by calvert hall.
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against it, against a great but he dawns sttike firrt. faithful goess38 yards to floyd3 hhw about that for a catch. get them at the 1 yard line.3 led.3 and that he did seemeddto unleash the cardinals. @%lly goes arrund the right side.@ and right up the kid line. -7 yards for the touuhdown. that made itt7-6 cardinals. and then, in the second quarter. brendan up the middle. nobody is going to get him. and that made it 19-0 calvert hall. faithful is iitercepted. it is cominn up right here. by trevor williams that takes it 41 yards for the touchdown. calvert hall scores 34 points in less than 10 minutes. and rolls to victory n the turkey bowl. so the final calvert hhll takes it 41-13, cliich the miaa confereece title with the win.
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victories for the cardinals %-calvert hall had 289 yards of offense holding loyyla to 59 yards on the ground w turkey bowl out oo the way. public schools take the spotlight. semi inals this weekend in aal four maryland classifications. survivors meet next weekenn for the state champiooships. you will see all of them on our sister staaion cw. @%d an opportunity to win a title and play n tv is quite an inducement.@ -> kids love it. each year, the kids get to talk to the press. be on tv. and the stay playoffs run each year and look forward to what it is about. they are ready to play oday. you know we have to keep them focused and task at hand and move from there. ravens have this town in football mode. one thing about the ravens, with this own, it is geared for football. you may see a raven at our game. last year ray lewis was on the side line.
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ray rice is there sometimes. so this game gives everyone -- >> remember you can watch the state chammionships on our sister stationn cw. and 3 a state final is thursday december 2 at 7:00. 4 a finals are next day, friday deceeber at 7:30. there are two championships on saturday december 4. first the 1 a finals at noon. -ollowed by 2 a chhmpionship t 2:30. all four statt title games over on the sister station the cww3 baltimore. >> former ravens wally williams is joining me in the booth. xx
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>> changes n our weatter come @%morrow. we start off mild in the morning. and thennclear out toward the afternoon. see cold temperatures. they stick around saturday and sunday. and back to normal monday to tuesday. with another chance of rain tuesdaa into wednesday. jeff and aren, back to you. >> thank you emily. that does it for the "late edition." thank you for hanging in there late at night for us. i hope you had a happy thanksgiving.3 i aamjeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks. tune in to fox 45 news morning news tomorrow. ssarting at 5 a.m.@ good night aad happy thanksgiving. real time closeddcaptioning provided by u.s. captioning


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